31 Days: An Autumn Gathering Under An October Moon

Hey guys, it’s here! 31 Days starts today and I am ready with another month’s worth of posts. This month’s posts are going to be on a few related topics that are near and dear to my heart: making a home, hospitality, women’s wisdom, herbal remedies, appreciating the outdoors, moving our bodies, AND goddess and moon lore. Every day I’ll post the moon phase and we’ll talk about some of the feminine influences that I look to at this time of year–goddesses like Hestia and Bridget, and some women of the Bible who fill our longing for the feminine ways of being too.

Bright colored autumn trees in a park

So come on in and visit a while.

This month we gather under the Full Hunter’s Moon, the time of year when traditionally the crops had been gathered in (during September’s Harvest Moon) and now it was time to hunt for the winter’s food needs. Watch for more stories on the day of the full moon, October 8. That day there will also be a full lunar eclipse–so it’s especially interesting!

Today’s moon phase is: First quarter

1st quarter moon

This post will serve as the introductory post and as we go along I’ll link each day’s post here so you can find them all in one place. Follow along all month! Check back for links to each day’s posts here:

Look for this button at write31days.com and here!
Look for this button at write31days.com and here!

October 1: 31 Days: An Autumn Gathering Under an October Moon
October 2: Coming Home in Autumn
October 3: Autumn Gathering Daily Intentions Journal–Gift For You
October 4: Sabbath
October 5: Sabbath
October 6: A Busy Weekend and Thoughts of Comfort
October 7: Sky Watch: Full Moon in Aries/Total Lunar Eclipse Tomorrow Morning
October 8: Full Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse
October 9: Day off
October 10: Moving Inward as the Moon Wanes: Creating a Cozy Nook
October 11: An Autumn Weekend Walk
October 12: Sabbath
October 13: Under the Weather=Perfect Day to Talk About Elderberry
October 14: How Are You Using Your Daily Intentions Journal?
October 15: Brighid, Light-Bringer and Goddess of Hearthcraft
October 16:
October 17:
October 18:
October 19:
October 20:
October 21:
October 22:
October 23:
October 24:
October 25:
October 26:
October 27:
October 28:
October 29:
October 30:
October 31:

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