31 Days of Radical Self-Care, An Overview

I’m joining The Nester for her 31 Days of Change posts in October. My first post in my series, 31 Days of Radical Self Care, begins on Tuesday the 1st and I’m so excited to bring this to you.

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I believe strongly in self-care and self-compassion. I see way too many of us neglecting to practice acts of kindness for ourselves. Why I call this ‘radical’ self-care is simple–I love the word radical, I love what it means, and I love the transformative nature of radical self-care.

A definition of the adjective ‘radical’ from Google:  “relating to or affecting the fundamental nature of something; far-reaching or thorough.”

I love that! I want you to take care of yourself, to practice compassion for yourself, in ways that affect the fundamental nature of your being for the better. I want your self care to be far-reaching and thorough. I want it to be different and transformative, at the same time as it’s simple and doable.

To that end, for the month of October 2013 I bring you 31 Days of Radical Self Care with the following topics:

1-The Golden Rule

2-You Are Worth It

3-Vision Board: Images that Delight You

4-What Delights You?

5-Delight in You


7-Seasonal Delight

8-You Hold The Keys

9-Heart-Centered Living? 

10-The Softened Heart


12-Living With Intention


14-Practicing Self-compassion When You Don’t


16-Random Acts of Kindness Bring Joy

17-Make A Mess

18-A Mantra for Joy

19-Joy, Gratitude and Grace


21-Your Joyful Daily Ritual

22-What Makes You Come Alive?

23-Writing Prompt: Ease

24-What If The Opposite Were True? Stretch.


26-Tell The Truth



29-Be Willing To Disappoint People

30-A Gift For You



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