31 Days of Radical Self Care Day 3: Delight

Today as promised, we are going to have some fun!

31 Days of Radical Self Care buttonIn Day 1’s post, we slayed the “self care is selfish” dragon by pointing out that the wonderful Golden Rule implies we love and care for ourselves. I noted that “True self care is absolutely contagious in its ability to spread the love further and wider.” Can you feel it?

On Day 2, I got vulnerable and revealed to you one of my light bulb moments that told me “I’m worth it.” So are you, and therefore it’s so important that you take good care of yourself.

Today, Day 3, I’m giving you an assignment that is a baby step toward taking better care of yourself.

Materials needed for this assignment:
A computer and a Pinterest account


Posterboard, a stack of magazines, scissors (optional cuz you can tear), and a glue stick or, even better, double-sided tape

We’re making Vision Boards! You can do it either digitally via Pinterest or as a real, live poster to hang on your walls. I do both. I started a new Pinterest board just for this assignment, in fact, and you can find it here. And, together my husband and I just made a magazine clipping and posterboard one for our family “vision”. It’s inspiring us daily from the front of our fridge now.

The topic for today’s Vision Board assignment is simply:

delight image

Go through your magazines or Pinterest or Google images and simply pin or paste any images that truly delight you. They make you smile or gasp with joy.

That’s it. Take 15 or 30 minutes and get started on this now. Gather your materials. Have fun!

And please, share your Pinterest board or a blog post with a photo in the comments so we can all take a look. Come back tomorrow for more exploration of this word Delight and the images you picked.


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