31 Days of Radical Self Care Day 4: What Delights You?

31 Days of Radical Self Care buttonDay 4 is already here. Did you do your homework from yesterday? Don’t worry–there are no grades here and you get a pass no matter what! I hope you’ve at least thought about what delights you.

Delight was the assignment, after all. More specifically, we’re making Vision Boards either on Pinterest or paper of images that delight us. Here’s mine.

If you’ve got a board going, today I’d like you to take a good look at it. Give yourself time to delight in what delights you. Even if these images are only in your head, ask yourself:

  • What do my images say about me?
  • What do my images say TO me?
  • What questions come up when I look at my images?
  • What do I need more (or less) of in my life?

The way I see it, delight is a perspective we can take.

Perspective, a Google defn: “a particular attitude or way of regarding something; a point of view.”

We can take radically good care of ourselves by choosing to include in our lives things, people, places and ways of being that delight us. There’s a reason certain images make your heart sing–they are part of what makes you uniquely YOU.

vision board photo

You can make vision boards as a family, too. Above is the one my husband and I did recently, envisioning what’s important to us for now and the near future. We always have a lot of outdoors pictures in ours because that’s a huge value for us. I’m fortunate that my husband is always willing to ‘play along’ when I get ideas of things to do like vision boards!

Keep adding to your Delight Vision Board. Keep delighting in it as we go along this month. It’s going to tell you a lot about you. And, it’s just plain fun.


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