31 Days of Radical Self Care Day 5: Delight in You

I mentioned in yesterday’s post that delight is a perspective we can choose to take in our lives. It’s definitely a way you can look at yourself and your body, and it takes practice.

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Today I want you to do something that you’re going to keep doing every day for the rest of this month.

Look in the mirror. If you have body image issues (this is for both men and women!), look at yourself naked in a full length mirror. Yes, trust me. Just do it.

Now, tell yourself three positive things about that person in the mirror.

That’s it. Do it today, and every day whenever you get a chance. I’m keeping this simple because there’s huge power in simplicity. Don’t worry about your messy hair or your crooked nose, or that stupid thing you forget to do.

Do you love your eyes? Notice.

Do you think that gray at your temples is distinguished?

Does that line on your forehead tell a story about how smart you are, and what a deep thinker you can be?

Notice the good things and let any negative thoughts float away on a cloud. Picture them doing that even if it seems silly, which it is, but I promise you that after a while it starts to work.

Delight in what your body does for you today. Take joy in what your face says about the one and only you. This is a practice. We need to cultivate delight in who we are and what we’ve got or all the other stuff takes over.

Your body is indeed a temple and you are a magnificent child of God, of the great Universe, a creation of nature–use whatever words mean the most to you. Notice.

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