9 Things Saving My Life Right Now

I’m joining up with Anne Bogel at Modern Mrs. Darcy to talk about what’s saving my life right now (link to Anne’s post here–just hover over these links; I can’t get links to be a different color but it’s there). I love thinking of the positive things going on, especially in February when we tend to feel the doldrums of winter (as in March and April here in Minnesota!). And today is February 2, a good day to feel positive because it’s a cross-quarter holiday called Imbolc in the Celtic Wheel of the Year. In the Christian calendar, today is celebrated as Candlemas, and the Feast of St. Bridget. We are exactly halfway between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox, and the days are noticeably lighter and longer now. Hurrah! That’s something to celebrate right there.

Here’s is my list of 9 things saving my life right now.

1. Fresh flowers. I make a simple choice most weeks, usually a bunch of one single flower type (carnations, daisies, baby’s breath) that I divide into a few jars or vases and place around the house. It’s a tiny thing but so cheery! And I feel like I’m really treating myself.
2. Charcuterie platters on Friday nights. Forever I’ve been trying to think of an easy replacement for our weekly pizza night, just because I can’t eat pizza (even gluten free more than occasionally) without feeling yucky soon after. An idea finally hit me a couple of weeks ago–charcuterie! I put out a huge wooden platter with meats, sardines, cheeses, nuts, olives, fruits, veggies, and some bread and crackers for the rest of my family. It’s a super easy Paleo/primal option that keeps me feeling good and for some reason the flavors are SO satisfying. Not much more work than pizza!
3. Kombucha. I also can’t do much alcohol these days, especially wine, because it makes me feel awful. GT’s Gingerade or Cayennade really hit the spot as a cocktail replacement for me.
4. Tea lights. 100-packs from IKEA or Target, even better than twinkle lights for me (which I also use around the house a lot in winter.)
5. Netflix’s birchwood fireplace. I love the sound of those crackling logs and usually put this on around sunset, which is 5:30-ish right now in Minnesota.
6. Speaking of Netflix, I just finished season 4 of Grace and Frankie and I love that show! I think I’ll re-watch it with my husband when he gets a chance.
7. My local YMCA. Our town and Y just collaborated on a new Y building, and it’s so NICE. The yoga classes are fantastic, and I also love to run on the walking/running track instead of a treadmill. Y’s have such a great community spirit.
8. That said, I just got a treadmill and am DIYing an at-home treadmill desk (link to my inspiration here). I love it! I try to walk at least 10 minutes every hour while I work and/or just read stuff online. And it’s helping me surpass my 10k steps a day easily.
9. A couple of phrases/mottos: The aforementioned Anne Bogel recently mentioned a motto of hers: “Don’t overthink it.” This phrase runs through my head many times a day, helping with my tendency to overthink stuff. And two, “I want my attention back,” is another phrase I’m clinging to lately. This is inspired by a Wired article (here) I recently read, and it’s helping me step away from the phone/laptop and do other stuff.

What’s saving your life right now?

Comment with a list of what’s saving your life over on Anne’s post here, or on my Facebook page here, if you’d like.

I want to thank Anne and the Modern Mrs. Darcy readers for the opportunity to think this through! It feels so good to make a list like this.