An Autumn Weekend Walk

I have just a moment this weekend before it gets all busy on me. Not exactly an inward weekend, is it? But that’s okay, because my weekdays generally give me lots of time at home by myself. And besides that, ‘turning inward’ doesn’t mean 24/7. I often have to remind my (sleepy) self in fall and winter that humans may want to sleep more in cold months,┬ábut that doesn’t mean we can be like the bears and go full-on into hibernation.

Which brings me to today’s suggestion. Yes, it’s time to make our cozy nooks. Yes, it’s time to settle into our homes more and spend more time indoors. But that doesn’t mean we don’t need outside, moving our bodies time.

So please, this weekend take a walk. More specifically, take an autumn walk and enjoy the sights and sounds around you even more than usual.

photo 2

For me, I love to walk in the leaves and wish everyone would let the leaves fly where they are instead of raking them up so quickly. I also love the sound of rustling, floating and flying leaves as the wind takes them down the streets. If you see a particularly beautiful leaf on your walk, pick it up and add it to your cozy nook or sacred space.

Also notice, what else is different out there at this time of year? Acorns might be falling. There might be some unusual bird feathers around as the birds, geese and ducks pass through your town on their way south. Or maybe the monarchs are just passing through, like they did here a week or so ago. What else?

I’m going to take my own advice and fit a nice long walk in at some point this weekend. I’ll post pictures on Monday, from when I do. Tomorrow will be a Sabbath day here at the blog, and I hope in your life. I’m going to my first Minnesota Hoffman Process Graduate gathering tomorrow, and it’s a potluck lunch so surely there will be some autumn goodies to eat and a great time of sharing and togetherness with other Hoffman grads.

As always, notice that today’s moon is waning gibbous in Taurus, 88% full.


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