Green Smoothie Challenge, Thriving Blog Tour, Free Retreat and more!

Happy Spring! I’ve got a lot going on, and despite the still cold weather in Minnesota, my energy level is high and I’m gearing up for warm weather.

With that said, who else is interested in boosting your energy, revitalizing your body and just plain adding tons of nutrition to your daily life? Besides me, that is! If you are interested in gifting yourself with one of the best things you can do for your body and energy level, commit to the Green Smoothie Challenge with me. There is only one rule to this challenge; commit to drinking 16-32 ounces of green smoothie every day for 30 days. I’ve even started a Facebook group for support and sharing recipes and inspiration. So far there are 19 of us in the group, committing to our health and feeling good this spring! It’s not too late to join so find the group at this link, or find me on Facebook, and ask to join us by messaging me there. We ‘officially’ started this past Monday, but we’re going all the way through April so you can start any time in the next week, by April 1.

green smoothie

Here are a couple of links to get you started on Green Smoothies:

Those are the posts that inspired me to start a life-changing practice of drinking green smoothies, particularly in the warmer (and warming up) months of the year.

Another thing goin’ on right now is the Thriving Blog Tour. I am honored to take part in Hannah of Becoming Who You Are‘s blog tour to promote her wonderful new class, From Coping to Thriving. Hannah and I share a huge interest in self-kindness and being true to who you are to live your best life. Watch for my post here at my blog on Monday the 31st, and follow along with all the wonderful Thriving blog posts by following the links in this paragraph. So much good information and inspiration is available to you!

I just wrote and posted a new About Me page here on the site, and I’d love it if you’d head on over there to read my latest update. If you’ve been following my site for a while, you already know lots about me but who knows, you might just learn something new. And you’ll also learn more about the type of person I like to work with. If you find yourself drawn to what I believe and teach, consider working one-on-one with me. I have one client opening right now and you might be just the person to fill it! Consider a free consult with me to see if coaching is a good fit for you–just click here to read more about that and send me a message to set up your time now.

You’ll also see that I’ve made opting-in for my free class Stop Being Mean to Yourself: 4 Commitments to Self-Kindness even easier by including signup forms after each blog post and, soon, on every page of my site. I’m so proud of myself for learning all this technology stuff. There really isn’t much in life that isn’t ‘figureoutable’ these days, as Marie Forleo likes to say.


And finally, if you’re local to me, watch this space and my social media accounts for news about a one-day retreat I’m leading soon. I’ll be offering my Joy, Delight and Ease: A Day-treat for Women, at a very reduced (cost only) price only once, and only to a small group of people, this spring. Watch for it!


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