Guest Posting on Self Care at A Life in Progress

Hi all! I’m just checking in real quick to let you know I’ve got a guest post about self care up at my friend Krista’s website, A Life in Progress. Krista is a Holistic Nutritionist & Wellness Advocate who, as she states on her site, “helps women love and care for themselves well to walk through life with purpose, health & JOY.” She’s got a compelling story and a wonderful heart and style. I know you’ll all like her site and her wellness business.

My post over there is about making self care part of your daily life, and I’m the first in a series of guests she’s going to feature. I’m so honored that she asked me to contribute!

A quote from my essay on self care:

“Perhaps the most important thing I’ve learned about caring for one’s self is that it can be routine, comfortable, and small.”

Just click here to read more than the quote above. Comment and share if you’d like–Krista and I will both appreciate it.