How Are You Using Your Daily Intentions Journal?

Today I want to highlight my post from October 3, An Autumn Gathering Daily Intentions Journal–Gift for You. I plan to remind readers about this each week during this month-long series, hoping you’re making good use of it. I find intention-setting actually quite comforting, because it gets me into a positive, forward-thinking place rather than the sometimes negative place I find myself in.

This year’s Journal page is different from last year’s, an update and in line with some of the things I learned at the Hoffman Process. We’re noticing our feelings, setting intentions about both self-expression and nourishing ourselves, as well as taking note of what we’re grateful for. The artwork is the same as last year’s, but the quote is different.

“Every leaf speaks
bliss to me
fluttering from the
autumn tree.”

~Emily Bronte 

Here’s a screen shot of part of this year’s journal page:

Screen Shot journal blog size

Please do download the free PDF by clicking here or on the screenshot above, print some copies or just use it from your screen and write answers in a journal or notebook you already have. I hope you find the practice as comforting as I do.

Today’s moon is waning gibbous in the sign of Cancer, about 60% full:




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