I’m Back From Vacation and the Hoffman Process! Refreshed and Ready…

I’ve been awfully quiet around here, and on my newsletter and social media pages, I know. But I can tell you now–it’s been a wonderful break and vacation time for me! It wasn’t all fun and games; some of it was very hard work, but every bit of my time away was valuable and has refreshed me so much.

Hoffman mug and laptop

For the past couple of weeks, I was at a family reunion in Virginia–my husband’s home state. It was really nice and I enjoyed the close time with George and the kids, and extended family, so much. Here’s my in-law’s home on the Ware River:

Tree lodge porch 2014

That’s the FRONT porch and here is their front yard (a Minnesota girl is not used to calling the River the front but oh well…) I captured this one morning when I woke up just after sunrise. Not a bad view, right?

Ware River sunrise 2014

It IS nice to be home, however, since before the reunion I traveled alone for two weeks and a month away from home is enough for now.

Yes, I spent two weeks in June travelling to San Francisco and the Napa Valley area, in order to attend the Hoffman Process at the Hoffman Institute at White Sulphur Springs in St. Helena, California. I plan to write several blog posts about the Hoffman Process and how it’s changing my life and work, so do check back for more updates.

For now I just want to say, it’s good to be back!

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