It’s My 44th Birthday and I’m Coming Out of the Closet

There’s something significant about the double 4s. It feels like a good thing, an auspicious year coming. The number four represents stability, calmness and home. We have four seasons, four directions, four elements, and at the Hoffman Institute we worked with the four aspects of our being–body, intellect, emotion and spirit (the genius of Bob Hoffman is he includes the emotional self along with the mind, body and spirit). In one of my favorite books, Don Miguel Ruiz’s The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom, there are four principles of living which I adore and try (largely unsuccessfully) to live by:

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I even have integrated the number four into my business. I have a free class outlining Four Commitments to Self-Kindness:

  • Choose Joy
  • Tell Your Truth
  • Know Your Purpose
  • Live From Your Heart

This birthday feels like its calling me to come home to myself, to ground myself to nature and the world I love, and to ‘come out’ as fully, authentically myself.

What does this mean to me right now? Well, for this blog and my work it means I’m changing things up a bit.

Here’s my own truth and who I am in this world right now (and this does feel a bit like ‘coming out’ to admit because up to now I have been trying to be a ‘normal’ life coach. Let me tell ya, it’s not who I really am!):

I am a coach and I am more than a coach. I am an intuitive and I am very ‘woo woo’ while still being very much grounded on this earth. I am a spiritual midwife. I see and hear and feel Spirit and I have a strong connection to things both of the world and not of this world. Animals talk to me. Angels visit me. I feel most alive when I’m outside in nature, breathing fresh air, next to or in water, lying in the grass or drinking coffee just outside my tent. I meditate and dream visions and have the ability to make what I see happen on a scale way beyond myself. This still feels like a stretch, but I know it’s also true that I am a green witch using spirit medicine and magic to heal and restore.

I bring all these gifts and connections into my work and now that I’m out of the closet, I wish to bring them out EVEN MORE. I have not done enough, but so far what I do is before a coaching session, I light a candle and set an intention. I often draw an oracle card for guidance from Spirit. I meditate and visualize often, and send up prayers for your highest good. Without doing anything on my part, I can see the astonishing light of your being when you can’t. My strongest desire in coaching is to connect you to your soul, to what delights you and makes your heart sing. I’m forever frustrated that our souls get so muddied with the expectations and burdens of the world. I feel strongly that we can overcome that and that feels like a big part of my work in the world–connecting you to your soul and the care of your soul, midwifing with you a new birth and way of being. No tiny stuff, that.

More of my truth?

I am also dense enough that when my guides and ancestors try and talk to me, I feel their frustration at my stubbornness, my deafness, my inability to see clearly. It frustrates me too, but that is part of being human.

I am also struggling in my business. Struggling to put into words what I need and who I am. Struggling with this world of internet marketing that too often feels so far from grounded and natural and personal. In fact, for the most part I’d like to give up trying. When I was away for a month, my internet ‘presence’ grew as much as it had in the previous several months. And I did nothing to make that happen. No blog posts, newsletters, social media shares, nothing. It was just ‘there’ and more people, somehow, found me.

After a year of steady growth in my business and a constant stream of clients, right now I have only two ‘real live’ clients. And they both paid me for coaching packages months ago so there’s no money coming in. I have bills to pay and have been applying for side jobs and getting plenty worried. What is the next step for me, and do I need to move on to something else? I hope not. I hope that by coming out with more of the truth of myself, and making some smarter business decisions, I can again attract just the right people to my business.

I have known for a while that changes needed to be made. Many coaching sessions have exhausted me. Some have energized me. When I think about what the energizing ones have in common, it’s the following:

  • They were usually on Skype or in person. I need to see the light of your beautiful faces.
  • The client was energized rather than demotivated or ashamed to speak with me. They either did their homework or knew clearly why they didn’t.
  • The client and I succeeded in staying on track with their true agenda–freeing their soul from a heavy burden so she or he could move forward–rather than the world’s agenda.
  • We both moved quickly and didn’t get stuck in distractions.

With all of the above in mind, I am changing things up. Here’s the gist of it:

First, I need to not give a damn about coaching industry fees and practices. I need to stop charging fees from an ego place and charge the price that seems fair to me, and comes from my heart.

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My new coaching fee is $36 a session (for a limited time starting today).

Yep, you read that right. It’s DRASTICALLY lower than what I’ve been charging. It feels like a huge relief to me to charge less, just like it feels like a huge relief to me when I find a practitioner (coach, homeopath, chiropractor, etc.) that I can afford.

These sessions are going to be shorter–30 minutes at a time, with an hour reserved only if we need it. We can accomplish more in 30 minutes of super focussed attention than we can in an hour of distractions. I work better when I feel the pressure of time. Some of my favorite coaching sessions lasted a total of 7 or 12 minutes, and the client gets a lot out of those sessions.

Just because it’s quick doesn’t mean it’s shallow. In fact, I think it’s just the opposite. Quicker gets us to the heart and depth of the matter right away, way less time for small talk and no time for distracting diversions.

I can’t promise your particular results because that’s up to you, but here’s what I can promise we’ll do in coaching sessions:

  • We will visualize and envision your dreams to make them as real to you as the chair you’re sitting in.
  • I will work with you in the realm of your emotions and things will sometimes get uncomfortable.
  • I will ask you to express yourself more fully and more clearly than you ever have before.
  • I will bring my whole self to our sessions, including my magic, and I will help you do the same.

We all have it. We all have magical powers of intention and attraction and using our will to get what our heart truly desires and needs. What our heart wants is always what’s best for us and the world around us–there’s not one thing selfish about the truth.

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As always, the first phone call or meeting is free. Contact me to schedule that at any time.

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