Moving Inward as the Moon Wanes: Creating a Cozy Nook

Now that the moon is waning, traditionally it’s time to move inward. During the gardening months, we plant root vegetables under a waning moon and vegetables that grow above the ground under a waxing moon. This is traditional garden practice, mostly disregarded now but I have a feeling we’ll soon discover why this was a good practice. Until then, let’s just say that paying attention to and acting according to the entire cosmos is just a good way to live. I, personally, like knowing these things and it doesn’t matter what ‘science’ says about them!

So today I want to talk about moving inward, into our homes, by creating a cozy nook for ourselves–in the spirit of the goddess Hestia, whom I wrote about on October 2.

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One of my favorite things, and greatest talents, is creating warm and welcoming spaces. I especially love making what I call ‘cozy nooks’ for reading, writing, pondering, even meditating or doing yoga. When my children were small, they loved when I’d create a ‘cozy nook’ for them to sit and play or read in. I can still see the smile and look of delight that would cross Eli’s face when I made him a new ‘cozy nook.’ That was our terminology, too, so it holds special meaning in our house. Now they’re big and can create their own spaces, so I turn to creating space for the whole family, and for myself.

Do you have a cozy nook of your own? This week or weekend, as a kickoff to our month of Autumn Gathering, I encourage you to create a welcoming space of your own. It could be a little reading or writing corner, or a space for meditation or yoga, or even a sacred altar on a table near your workspace. Something to remind you of Hestia and the warmth of home.

Make it just for you! If others want to enter in, ask them to request your permission and ask that they ‘leave no trace’ as they depart.

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This space is yours to do with as you wish. I suggest an autumn theme–cozy blankets, soft pillows, maybe a knitting basket or little bookshelf with your favorite, most uplifting books. Add something alive, from nature–a potted plant or some pumpkins and gourds, or a corn doll representing the autumn harvest if you have one. If you find a bird feather or some acorns on an autumn walk (tomorrow’s activity, by the way), by all means place them in your cozy nook.

These days, my nooks or sacred spaces always have rocks collected from camping trips. There’s some from Lake Superior, and others from Kintla Lake in Glacier National Park. I also like to have healing crystals around me and those I purchase at the local metaphysical store. My favorites are rose quartz, jade and malachite, lapis lazuli, black onyx, red carnelian and more. I have at least one in each color of the rainbow (or chakras). Rocks ground me and I love to have them around.

In your cozy nook, make sure you have a lamp and a spot to put a mug of tea or coffee. What could be more cozy and refreshing in autumn than a snack and a warm beverage?

Where will you find space for your cozy nook? If you’re lucky you might have an entire room to yourself. If you’re like me, you will need to pick a spot that’s somewhat out of the way in the rooms for other things. I have a few spots I feel cozy in. My rocking chair on the front porch is my spot for the warmer months, but then in winter the porch gets closed off and I need to find a new spot for my reading and knitting. Often, it’s just a corner of the couch in our (one and only) living space. I also have a little desk and bookshelf in my bedroom, where I sometimes write. On top of the bookshelf is a little sacred altar with some things that remind me to think positively while I work.

In our small house now filled with four adult-sized bodies, it is indeed hard to find that ‘perfect’ spot where I can read, daydream and knit by myself. I’ve been missing it for as long as we’ve lived here! Which is just over ten years now. I think I will take this blog post as my own challenge, to finally find that cozy spot where I can spend many a winter hour. It might have to be in a room filled with other people, but at least it will be my spot in a corner of that room. I may be doing some furniture re-arranging this weekend! I’ll report back on Monday with what I find, and pictures if I have any.

How about your cozy nook? Share pictures on Twitter or Facebook and tag me (@lisaztweets on Twitter, Lisa Zahn on Facebook), and use the hashtag #cozynook so we can find you. I’d love to see your special spot! Be creative and resourceful, as I will need to be, and have fun with it.

Today’s moon is waning gibbous, 94% full:



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