Recommended Reads–Wednesday April 19

As promised, here’s my new list of recommended reads for the week of Wednesday, April 19.

Recommended Reads

Does it sometimes feel like Facebook is going dead lately? Or at least, Facebook is shell-shocked. Few people are commenting. Not much is going on. We’re all still addicted to “stopping by” and seeing what’s up, but it’s less and less all the time. I feel like the political season has us all burnt out. Maybe it’s time for something different?

That’s why I’m sharing my recommended reads list on my blog. I pay for this website each month, so I should be using it for something, right? This is not my own writing, but I still get to share links and reads that I love and recommend.

Below are some favorite reads I found this week.

Some are delightful. Some are necessary. And some are just plain good reads. They run the gamut of my interests, as you’ll see. (I’m keeping it simple this week due to lack of time, so the links are not hyper-linked, but that way it’s easy to find them.)

There are stories of hope coming out of Detroit, and the urban organic gardening programs are some of the brightest stories. Here’s a nice article about one such program.

The title doesn’t really do this article justice. It’s actually got some great ideas for companies on how to improve work life, which ultimately benefits the company too. Why You Hate Work at:

So often I’ve heard, I could never homeschool my own kids! They’re smarter than me, or I’m not a teacher, or so many other things. Rachel has such a beautiful response to that in this blog post.

Maybe sometimes we just need to eat? Maybe we’re actually hungry?

I could really relate to this article about self-employment. I, too, am having to learn to take my own work seriously and consider “work time” as sacred.

We all need some comedy right now, right? With the world the way it is…Here are four Netflix comedy specials recommended by Cup of Jo (be sure and read the comments for more recommendations):

How to read a Kindle in the bathtub. I love this idea!

My friend Desiree did this amazing bodybuilding thing last weekend, and I didn’t understand it at all, except that I like challenges too. Here she gives a wonderful explanation for her process, what she thought, and why she did it.

It’s true, I have never been to Voyageurs National Park in my own state. But I have driven the entire Enchanted Highway in North Dakota, and it’s awesome.

I fantasize constantly about doing this, but when I actually limit my not-too-big-anyway wardrobe too much (like down to 33 items), I always rebel and end up hating that much limitation. Still, this is inspiring:

Below this article about the #GrabYourWallet campaign are the spreadsheets listing companies somehow related to or supportive of Pres. Trump. I found this very helpful.

And here’s a list of the companies being boycotted.

Luckily, she’s also made a list of where to shop instead, also on the spreadsheet here:

These are beautiful. The lost photos of Barcelona.

Why socialized medicine is a good thing.

I love this so much. Thank you, Prince Harry, for opening up to the world about the mental health struggles you’ve faced and for encouraging people to get counseling.

Another good article from my friend Krista O’Reilly Davi-Digui on No Sidebar:

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