Sunday Morning, and Light Overcomes the Darkness

On how light overcomes darkness:

Seven a.m. Sunday morning: The entire household, except for me, still sleeps. The sweet sound of our dog Billy snoring on the kitchen rug helps to calm my own breathing. As the furnace roars to life after a chilly night, even its sound is reassuring; I’m grateful for the warmth.

The light is just starting to illuminate the day outside. As I look out the window, I see the faint silhouettes of the trees–our many trees in this new home–against the silvery blue early morning sky. Another day dawns, and the quiet solitude on a Sunday morning might be my favorite hour of the week..

Sometimes, January gets me down. I remark to myself as I write the date in my journal, It is still only January! And yet, the light is returning. The light always returns.

That is a good metaphor and reminder for our current situation. Recent events are chilling, dark, and foreboding. But the warm fire of activism for social justice has been re-ignited for perhaps the umpteenth time, and it will not burn out. We are uniting (again) against tyranny, against injustice. This movement for justice has always been strong, but now it becomes even stronger. Louder. More pressing and more present.

The current administration (under the name of Donald Trump, the only man egotistical enough to put his name on it) has put forth their shock and awe technique over the past week. I believe it is to fatigue and confuse us. But we are still here, watching and acting, without waiting. This technique will, in the long run, fail them as it has failed all despots. Love wins. Love always wins. Light overcomes darkness. Yes, if you think about it you’ll notice, the light always overcomes the darkness.

This is my prayer.
This is my hope.
This is my certainty.