The Long View, A Story Slice

Roses in the Long View

Up close these roses are just flowers. But take a step back and see them in the Mason jar, on the lace on the table George made for us, there in the corner of the dining room with the French doors and the living room and all the beauty of our home in view–and here those roses are something else. He brought them home for me; on one of his busiest (of always busy) days, he said he thought about bringing me flowers all day. This never happens! Until now, in our 21st year of marriage we are learning the importance of taking the long view, and choosing each other each day.


*This post is part of my four-week long class, Story Slices, with writer and teacher Laurie Wagner of 27 Powers. Our assignment: “We’ll chronicle the odd and small moments of our lives with our phone cameras and then create small pieces of writing – a paragraph at most – to accompany them.”