This Week’s Recommended Reads

My recommended reads list for Wednesday, April 5:

Recommended Reads

The other day I was thinking about how I love reading articles online, and how much I learn from them. And how that makes me feel compelled to share on social media, because I think other people might love this stuff as much as I do. I’m not sure how true that is amongst my Facebook friends, however, so I decided to try something different: saving up the links to share on my blog.

That way, those who want to see my recommended reads can come on over here and take a look at whichever ones intrigue them. And those on Facebook who don’t want to see my constant posts, don’t have to. I’m all about doing what you want with your own social media sites, but I think this might actually be much better to me than FB or Twitter shares. I’ll have a record of my favorite links now, too. It’s a win-win.

Below are some favorite reads I found this week.

Some are delightful. Some are necessary. And some are just plain good reads. They run the gamut of my interests, as you’ll see. (The links are italicized, since I can’t figure out how to change ink color for them.)

We could all use this right now: Wife, mother, and Zen Buddhist priest Karen Maezen Miller on 7 tips to de-stress your home. I love Karen’s writing and always breathe a sigh of relief when I read her Zen ideas. 

This article on what it means to forgive someone: Heather Plett offers peace and hope even in the midst of the worst heartache, in Forgiveness and the death of my son.

I just adore this home featured on Apartment Therapy, with its piles of books and brilliant colors.

My friend Krista’s post goes viral for the second time and it’s worth a first or second read, for sure: What if All I Want Is a Mediocre Life?

And here Mark Sisson lists some interesting lifestyle trends to watch as we add more movement to our days: 9 Trends of Primal Interest. I don’t always read Mark’s Daily Apple, but I love the inspiring stories and some of the information he presents.

Really good news for me, a tea addict: Daily consumption of tea may protect the elderly from cognitive decline, study suggests. 

I don’t know about you guys, but my life was plenty intense in March. And February. And January. And so on. But I guess we’re gonna keep stepping it up in April, according to the stars and planets and Mystic Mamma and Lena Stevens (citation at top of article): The theme for April 2017 is INTENSITY. 

I’ve recently realized podcasts are something I enjoy even more than radio, which is often hard for me to listen to because it’s too random for my ears. With that said, I love NPR and MPR and I’m thrilled NPR is trying a new morning news podcast. In just 10 minutes I’ll get my “news fix” for the day and can then decide what else to pay attention to (or not). Read this article about NPR’s new Up First podcast—it starts today, in fact: Something New Coming to Every Device Near You (Very Early in the Morning)

I loved this too. Read as an antidote to all the “bikini body” articles we’re bombarded with at this time of year: A Letter to My Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful Daughter

I found this so interesting, and a friend with a past history of suicidal attempt gave it an enthusiastic thumbs-up: Suicidal Risk Assessment Doesn’t Work

And I can’t resist one good bit of good political news that shows the Resistance is working: With Stunning Moral Clarity, Wallace Global Fund Fires Firm That Endorsed Donald Trump’s Kleptocracy.

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