What Are The Next 3 Steps To Going On A Retreat?

Last week, I posted The First 3 Steps to Going On A Retreat. Today I’m here to give you some “next steps.” Often in coaching, because my clients are their own best experts, I have you come up with your “next steps.” These are usually the small steps you want and need to work on next to move you forward toward your goals. Because this is an internet post and not a coaching conversation, I’m going to just give you your steps today. Here’s my ‘expert’ opinion, in other words!

I’m all about breaking a task or goal down into small steps so here you go, the next steps you need to get yourself on a retreat:

1. Research it

2. Book it

3. Go for it

In saying research it, I mean find a place to go and figure out what you want to do on your retreat. I bet there are a few retreat centers in your area. You can also decide to go anywhere in the world! There are retreat centers, getaway spots, lodges, spas and all sorts of yummy places to go everywhere. Here’s one directory that I found easily via Google: RetreatFinder.com.

This is the lodge at my retreat center, where I'll be again this weekend. ARC Retreat Center in Cambridge, MN
This is the lodge at my retreat center, where I’ll be again this weekend. ARC Retreat Center in Cambridge, MN

What feeds your soul? The beach, the woods, the mountains? A rustic lodge or a modern spa? Do you want to go alone or with a group? Self-directed or a retreat led by someone else? The possibilities are endless AND there is something just right for you and maybe even right near you too. Don’t get too caught up in the details. Find it.

Then book it. Call up your chosen place and make your reservation. Don’t hesitate–remember that in last week’s post you learned to make the time because it doesn’t exist until you create it for yourself. Put it on your calendar.

And finally, go for it. Just do it! Let yourself be surprised by what happens on your retreat.


Note: I am in the midst of planning my very own retreat offering, a day-long retreat local to me here in Minnesota. It’s going to be an absolutely luxurious time away with like-minded women. We’ll meet in a beautiful setting, eat nourishing amazing food that we don’t have to prepare or clean up after, take plenty of time for rest and solitude and community, and have some powerful group sessions where I’ll be coaching you on bringing a ‘retreat’ mindset to your everyday life. I plan to host the first one in February so stay tuned for more information!