What Interests Me? A Story Slice

What interests me?

Light interests me story slice

The way the light plays on objects in my home. How it shines across my floor, and creates rainbows on the walls when it passes through the crystals I’ve hung in the windows. Light interests me because I crave it. I crave sunlight and glowing fires and candles burning in shiny, pretty candleholders. My sun sign is Leo, ruled by the sun, our brightest light. As I grow older I come out of the darkness and into that light more and more. It’s as if finding the light is my destiny.


*This post is part of my four-week long class, Story Slices, with writer and teacher Laurie Wagner of 27 Powers. Our assignment: “We’ll chronicle the odd and small moments of our lives with our phone cameras and then create small pieces of writing – a paragraph at most – to accompany them.”