What’s Next?

Boy, if that hasn’t been the question I’ve been asking lately. When I first wrote that title up there, I was thinking this post would be all about what’s next for my website and blog, but now that I look at it, I realize it’s kinda the theme for my life lately.

Our pretty former house–now affectionately called “the red house”

You see, we’ve moved. We left our pretty little (actually kinda big) red house and moved into an apartment a couple weeks ago. Why? you ask. Well, I’m asking the same question right now! I miss my home and my neighborhood where just two blocks away we had a lake with a walking path around it that used to call out to me every day to come walk, enjoy the water. Why did we leave that? The answer isn’t entirely clear, except that it felt right. And living in this third floor apartment also feels right. We’re in the right place just now, but I’m not quite sure why. Or what’s next.

A corner of our apartment.

I’m a big believer in following my intuition. It rarely, if ever, steers me wrong. I just *knew* we should put the house up for sale in the spring of 2016. So we did it. And the house sold in six days (which seems like a confirmation of my *knowing* the time was right). And on the same day the house sold and the contract was signed, my friend Laura called to tell me that a rare three-bedroom apartment had opened up in her building (another confirmation that the timing was right). So here we are, on the top floor in a corner apartment with a good breeze always blowing in to keep us cool. There’s a park and community garden across the street, on the property of a Unitarian Universalist Church (maybe I’m supposed to visit there? I think so!). And what seems like hundreds of Somali immigrant kids run around playing in their bare feet, making me feel like I’m having a cross cultural experience right in my own city. I love it!

But I can’t help asking on a very regular basis, what’s next? All we have so far are clues. One clue is Heather’s blog and Instagram pics showing off her renovated camper, Birdy. These make me so jealous I just know I want to buy or rent some wild place to park a camper on, someday soon. Another clue came when we talked to the campground hosts at Gooseberry Falls State Park this past week, and they encouraged us to become hosts ourselves–something we’ve long dreamed of. Yes, we will do that someday.

Other clues show us what we don’t want. Lack of access to the outdoors is something I definitely DON’T want (a third floor balcony is “making do” right now, better than nothing). Making hasty decisions about buying or renting and location is another no, not right now. I believe that we’ll know what’s next when the time is right, and for now I’m learning a lesson in contentment and being present. After all, this is our daughter’s 17th year, her final year of high school. And our son is an adult and ready to test his wings a bit too. If I don’t enjoy these moments, and instead wish them away, I’ll be filled with regret about that.

But still, it’s hard not to sit on the balcony each evening and ponder what’s next?

But to put all that pondering aside for a moment, what’s next for the blog is a guest post by Krista O’Reilly Davi-Dagui, on Monday. She has a wonderful blog and website found HERE, and she’s written a post called From Fear to Freedom, which I’ll be featuring here on my site.

After that, I hope to post regularly on a variety of topics that interest me (and hopefully you, dear readers) and also feature some other writers. I like this guest posting thing! Stay tuned for more.

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